Ironing Service

Ironing Service

To a lot of people ironing is a chore that is disliked. Many people hate standing over the ironing board slaving away over piles and piles of clothing. Many other people lead busy lives, working throughout the day and bringing up kids in the process; this leaves little spare time between finishing work and going to bed to take care of the ironing. Maybe you are just behind with the ironing and need to catch up? Whatever the reason for being unable to do it, there are plenty of companies offering a complete ironing service.

Finding an Ironing Service

Finding an ironing service in your area can be easily done in a number of ways; there are large companies and small independent firms in areas all over the country. Using local press publications to find services can be a good way to find local companies. The Yellow Pages and Thomson Local that are delivered to your house for free also have a wealth of advertisements regarding ironing services. More and more companies are now advertising their services on the internet due to its rising popularity, using a search engine such as Google or Bing can put you in touch with services in your area as-well as information on exactly what they provide.

What Do Ironing Services Offer?

A good ironing service can offer a range of things, first and most obviously is ironing your clothes, this is done with professional skill leaving your clothes totally crease free which sometimes can`t be achieved when doing the ironing yourself at home. They can pick up and return your clothing free of charge on some occasions which can be extremely helpful. All clothes will be insured against accidental damage or burning, giving you piece of mind when handing over your clothes. Some companies provide free hangers with your returned clothes as-well as polythene cover to keep your clothes immaculate on their return. Most companies can provide fast turnaround and have your ironed clothes return in 24 or 48 hours, this is good for people who have sent work clothes to be ironed, meaning you could have fresh work clothes the very next day. Services usually charge per kilogram or per bag at just a few pounds for each.

Starting an Ironing Service

If you are someone who enjoys ironing in your spare time or are currently no working and have a lot of free time then starting an ironing service could be a healthy income on a part time or full time basis. You advertise your services in local publications, local shop windows or on supermarket advertisement boards. Working from home would mean that you will have little running costs to pay out; if you drive maybe you could offer to pick up orders in the local area. Look at how competitors advertise and come up with something that makes you stand out, taking out insurance is also important as you don`t want to be liable for any accidental damage.

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