Cost of Ironing Service

Cost of Ironing Service

When looking to start or hire an ironing service cost is a big factor, you don`t want to be paying over the odds for a service that someone could do cheaper at the same quality. The same thing applies to providing a service, you don`t do not want to be seen to be charging over the odds, nor can you afford to have rates that are too low.

Working out the cost - Buyers

When looking to hire someone to do your ironing finding out the cost of ironing service providers is essential. Services charge is different ways, some charge per kilogram or per bag some charge per item and some charge per hour, you will need to find out which one suit you best. If you were paying by bag and it was just t-shirts that you wanted ironing then you would be looking at a good deal as you could fit plenty of t-shirts in to a blag bag, this wouldn`t be very cost friendly though if you were paying per item.

The cost of ironing service providers who operate a mobile business is usually charged by the hour, the cost can be low if you want someone to work in your business as they could get through a whole day's worth of laundry in just a couple of hours. You will be looking at paying around on average about £8 per hour for this kind of service but in can vary to between £7 and £13 per hour, this can work out good if they are only required for a couple of hours each day.

Working out the cost – Sellers

The cost of ironing service running and supplies will be needed to be factored in if you are looking to provide a service.

If you are working from home the cost of ironing service running will benefit you more than if were renting premises. There are materials and equipment that you will have to pay for as-well as petrol if you are picking up deliveries. If you are working from home then electricity would needed to be accounted for, this wouldn`t be a factor if you were a mobile ironing company. If you were providing a mobile service then you would need to decide whether to charge per hour as most do or per item, the downside to charging per item as a mobile ironing service is there is likely to be lots of items, this could price you out of the market.

The cost of ironing service providing can also depend on other things like, how much you have spent on advertising your company or if you have purchased a new vehicle to pick up clothes or goes to clients addresses. Both of these can impact upon your prices, you will want to keep prices low but at the same time make sure that you cover every angle of running the business so that you still turn over a profit enough to live on.

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