Domestic Ironing Service

Domestic Ironing Service

Hundreds of people each day look for a domestic ironing service to take care of their backlogged ironing. They are hugely beneficial to many people; an ironing service can also be a full time income generator for those you are good at and enjoy ironing. Starting up an ironing service from home can be rewarding job.


If you are looking to provide a domestic ironing service from your home, you will still need to have all the equipment that professional ironing services possess. Having the necessary tools for the job can look good for clients and can lead to recommendations which can lead to more work.

Here a list of things that you should have for your service:

  • Iron- This one is the obvious, but having a good iron can be a great investment as in can speed up work and provide a professional finish
  • Polythene roll- Having clients items returned in polythene covers can protect clothing and look professional, polythene covers can be bought in rolls of around 480 covers in different sizes for around £25.
  • Hangers- Placing clothes and returning them on hangers can look professional and make it easier for you to organise your ironing
  • Garment Rail- These can be picked fairly cheaply and are used to hang completed clothes on.
  • Labels- Having ironed items labelled with each client's name can help to keep you organised especially if you have multiple orders.
  • Spray Starch- You could offer clients the option of having garments spray starched, giving them a crisp fresh look and feel.
  • Trouser guards- These slip over hangers to prevent trousers from slipping and creasing.

If you are offering your domestic ironing service on a price per kilo basis then a good set of weighing scales would be highly useful to determine the exact weight of ironing.


There are a number of advantages of running a domestic ironing service from home. The first is low running costs, you won`t have a lot to pay out on expensive shop rent fees or on expensive equipment meaning more profit. Working from home means you are your own boss working your own hours, it also means no have to commute to a place of work every day. Working from home can also mean seeing more of the family each day.


There are also disadvantages of providing a domestic ironing service, motivation is a big factor, working from home can cause you to become easily distracted with other things, it is important that you are disciplined. You are also confined to the same four walls each day with no one to talk to; this can become tedious, it is important to get out as much as possible when you have chance.

There also factors with knowing how much to charge, to little can meaning you not making enough to live on and too much can mean no orders, doing plenty of research is required to find out the right amount for you to charge.

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