Home Ironing Service

Home Ironing Service

There are many people who can`t stand the thought of ironing, there are also many people who, as hard as they try, just can`t get that shirt or dress crease free. If you're someone who enjoys ironing and is a dab hand at using an iron, you may be able to go in to business offering a home ironing service.

Getting Started

First things you should look when looking to provide a home ironing service is that you are quick and good at using an iron, if you are providing a professional service orders will begin to increase meaning you will have to be as efficient as possible. You should make sure your home is smoke free, any traces of smoke on clients clothes will instantly gain you a bad reputation which is not what you want.

Picking up a decent clothes rack, some coat hangers and most importantly a good iron are worthy investments as is a good sturdy ironing board.

You should look to buy insurance to cover customers' clothes whilst they are in your possession just in case of any accidents such as burning or spillages. This can also be something helpful to you when advertising as potential clients will like to have that piece of mind.

If you drive then you could offer collection and delivery of clients orders, more and more people offering a home ironing service are providing this so if you don`t drive it may be worth employing a friend of family member with a car to do the collections on your behalf.


When working out what prices to charge for your home ironing service, you should look at competitors' prices. Research other companies in your area to see what they are offering, then work out if you can match or beat the prices they have on offer. Working from home will have lower running costs so you may be able to charge lower prices than larger companies. Some firms charge per item, for example:

  • Adult shirt = £1.50 - £2.00
  • Jeans or trousers £1.50 - £2.00

Other services charge per hour, you will need to work out what is best for you. Don`t forget to factor in electricity costs, insurance costs and petrol when deciding what to charge.


Advertising your home ironing service is massively important, after all if you don`t advertise how are you going to gain orders. Place adverts in shop or Post Office windows, on supermarket advertisement boards and in the local press. If you can use a computer start up a website, or maybe have someone set one up for you.

Increasing work

Once you have a done work for a couple of clients, if the work was good enough there is a good chance they will come back to you. People like to stick with someone they can trust which can lead to long term work. As any customers that are happy with your service to recommend you to a friend, word of mouth is a big advertiser.

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