Ironing Service Price List

Ironing Service Price List

When coming up with an ironing service price list for you company there is a few things to consider. The first thing to do would be to conduct research; gather up a list of all local ironing services in your local area, and look through them. See how much they charge and what they charge for.

Deciding prices

Once you have looked at competitors charges you will need to come with an ironing service price list of your own. You should firstly factor in your running costs, if you're at working from these are going to be lower than those companies that work from a store or warehouse. You will need to work out how much is spent on electricity, materials for the job such as:

  • Starch
  • Hangers
  • Polythene covers
  • Labels
  • Rails

If you are planning on offering a pick up and drop off service then you will need to factor in petrol costs, some companies provide this free of charge or for a small fee, don`t feel pressured in to doing this if it isn`t going to benefit you. You could offer a fee that is something like free collection and delivery on orders over £10 or £20 pounds, most potential customers will see this as fair.

You will also need to decide how you are going to charge for the ironing you will be undertaking, companies usually charge on:

  • Price per kilogram
  • Price per item
  • Price per black bag
  • Price per hour

You will need to work out which is best for you, you don`t want to go around undercutting all other competitors if it means that you have the lowest prices but are living off a wage which is half of the minimum going rate. Making your ironing service price list to low can impact on you if you are planning to expand and employ any extra staff in the future.


Some companies offer discounts and perks alongside their ironing service price list, things such as free polythene cover or hanger. These little extras can entice custom so if might be wise to offer these, factor in the cost when working out prices to make it affordable. Sometimes to bring in custom companies offer first booking discounts, this can be a good way to get some long time clients. Another way is to offer discounts for longer turnaround time, this could allow you to fit extra orders in alongside current ones.


These are roughly some of the prices that are currently charged by services in the UK.

Per item:

  • Shirts/ Blouses £0.95-£1.75
  • Trousers/ Jeans £0.95-£2.00
  • Children's £0.50- £1.00
  • Duvet covers £2.50
  • Sheets £0.75- £1.50
  • Table cloth £1.00

These will change from service to service and usually depends on the size of the business; you could use them as a guide for your ironing service price list. Prices per kilogram range from around £3.50 to £4.50 and prices per hour can be charged at anywhere from £7 to £13 per hour.

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