Ironing Service Prices

Ironing Service Prices

If you are someone like many others who hates ironing or does not have time to iron, you may be looking to forward your creased clothing on to someone who can do the job for you to a professional standard for a fee.

You might be someone who is looking to start up and run a business ironing clothes for clients, in each case ironing service prices are important, whether you a buying a service of providing one you what a fair price.

Running an ironing service

If you are starting out as a business providing ironed clothes, ironing service prices are massively important. If you charge to little you may not cover running costs or may be seen by potential customers as amateurish, charge to much and you could price yourself out of the market as customers will look elsewhere to have their clothes ironed. This is why research is massively important, look at other companies' ironing service prices and see if you can provide similar. Don`t forget to think about your own running costs at the same time, if you work from home your running costs will be lower than that of a larger company, meaning you could undercut their prices.

Think of what collection and delivery prices to charge, a lot of companies are providing this free of charge, if you are working from home you may not be able to afford to offer it free of charge. Think about offering free pick up and drop off on orders over £20 or £30, this might help to cover petrol and still make profit.

Buying an ironing service

If you are a potential customer then you will want to have your clothes ironed in a professional way at a cheap price, having the job done correctly always outweighs the price but you don`t want to be paying over the odds for a service that you could have done just as cheap elsewhere. Home ironing services prices are usually cheaper that large companies but maybe do not have the same quick turnaround or delivery services.

Ironing service prices vary from company to company, some charge per item, some charge per bag or kilogram and some may charge per hour. If you have a massive load of ironing but it is all lightweight t-shirts then per kilogram or per bag may be best suited. If your required ironing is only a couple of items such as work suits, then taking advantage of per item services may be beneficial.

If you are looking for per hour ironing service prices then you should be looking to pay around £7 to £13 per hour. Companies charging per kilo will generally offer services starting at around £4 per kilo. Per item services will generally vary you could be looking anything from £1 to £2 per adult item such as a shirt, trousers or blouse and between 50p and £1 per child`s item of clothing, these are just a guideline and it is best to shop around.

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