Ironing Service Rates

Ironing Service Rates

Ironing service rates do vary from service to service, finding a company that works for will be important as someone who does good work could lead to a long term arrangement. Many people like to have someone they trust ironing and handling their clothes.

How rates are charged

Ironing service rates are charged in different ways, services specialising in shirts or suits such as dry cleaning companies will tend to charge per item. This is because shirts, suits and dresses tend to not be sent in bulk but are usually sent in individually when required or in a couple of items at a time. Prices will vary for per item ironing for instance a shirt can cost from £1 to £2.50 and trousers can cost around £0.95 to £2.00. Added extras can be added to services for small fees, you can choose to have your items returned on hangers and in clothing bags or maybe have a shirt or t-shirt folded and boxed. Other extras such as having your clothing starched and fully hand pressed may also require an extra fee.

Some companies will have their ironing service rates as per bag; this will usually mean laundry bag or regular black bin bag. A lot of home and domestic ironing services charge in this way, you fill up a bag with as much laundry to be ironed as you can fit in and you will be charged usually around £5 to £10. This is good for the customer as you need not worry about the cost of individual items or about the weight of the back.

Charging by kilogram is also a popular way to price by many ironing services, your bags of clothes are sent to the company doing your ironing, they are then ironed and the completed load is weighed and you are billed the total weight. Rates will vary depending on which company you use, someone working from home may be able to charge less than larger companies. You should be looking at around £3.50 to £4.50 per kilogram.

Ironing services rates charged per hour are widely used by services that provide mobile ironing. This kind of service is when the business doing the ironing work for you in your home or work, they are popular in the tourism sector, being paid per hour to iron bedding and tablecloths in B and B`s and hotels. Some local companies may also charge this way, this can work out fairly cheap as whole weeks laundry can be done in as little as two hours. Rates tend to be between £7 and £13 per hour.


Sometimes ironing service rates include a price for the collection and delivery of your ironing from your chosen address. Some larger businesses may offer this free of charge but others charge a small fee of a couple of pounds to cover petrol. A popular way for ironing services to charge for delivery is to offer free pick up and drop off for orders over £10 or £20.

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