Mobile Ironing Service

Mobile Ironing Service

If you have mountains of backlogged piles of ironing that you can`t find the time to do or, like many people, just don`t like doing, there are companies that can iron all of you clothes for you quickly and professionally. They can come to your house and pick them up and return them fully ironed within a day or to. If you work long hours or have reasons that mean you cannot have your creased clothes collected there are some businesses that offer a mobile ironing service.

What is a mobile ironing service?

A mobile ironing service is someone who can take care of all of your ironing at your home or at your place of work. They are similar to hiring a cleaner (some mobile cleaning services also provide ironing) in that they come to your desired address at a time and day that suits you and iron all of you clothes using their professional equipment.

Reasons to use a mobile ironing service

There are numerous reasons to use a mobile ironing service, if you work long hours you probably don`t have time to do the ironing, having someone do it for you is a great help. If you run a business such as:

  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Hotel
  • Guest House
  • Residential Home

Mobile ironing can be hugely beneficial in this sector, as bedding, table clothes and aprons are all required to be washed and ironed on a daily basis. Fresh bedding is used every day and having someone at your place of work daily to take care of ironing can be hugely beneficial for quick turnaround.

Hospitals are another place where a mobile ironing business can be used to great effect, with bedding being changed numerous times each day.

Finding mobile ironing services

A lot of companies that provide domestic ironing services that pick up and drop off clothing can also provide mobile ironing, a lot of them can work hours that fit around your schedule. Finding a service is easier than ever with the internet and local shop windows full of advertisements.

Running a mobile ironing service

If you currently provide a home or domestic ironing service, then adding the mobile factor to your list of services can generate a whole new avenue of income. If you are thinking of starting up an ironing service then going mobile could be a good business. It also gives the advantage of not being stuck looking at the same four walls day in day out.

Of course the main thing is that you would need to drive or have someone working with you that can. You would need to have a car or van large enough to fit all of the required equipment in the back, having your company logo and a few details including a contact number on the side of your vehicle can be a good way of easy advertisement. Be sure to offer commercial as well as domestic mobile ironing as there are a lot more possibilities on the commercial side.

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