Shirt Ironing Service

Shirt Ironing Service

We all have our favourite shirts, some for going on nights out or to dinner dates and shirts to be worn each day to the office. Having a shirt perfectly ironed is something that we all want especially if you are someone who hosts business meetings or speaks in front of people; you do not want to be seen wearing a creased shirt. A lot of us don`t have time to take care of the ironing after a busy day at work, so having someone who provides a shirt ironing service would be beneficial.

What a shirt ironing service provides

A good shirt ironing service can hugely helpful to you both time saving wise and to keep your shirts looking pristine. Of course finding the time to drop your shirts of somewhere is difficult; many companies now provide collection and delivery of your ironing for a small fee or sometimes free of charge. Quick turnaround of ironing will be also a big factor in the shirt ironing service you choose, if you are working in an office or a bar or restaurant then you are going to need a freshly ironed shirt each day, some services offer 24 or 48 hour delivery of your ironed clothes which can mean having your shirts ready the very next day. They can also be delivered to your workplace if that is what you require.

Companies can offer the option of having your shirt hand finished or completely hand pressed giving the shirt a quality feel and almost new look. All cuffs and collars can be individually pressed and some services even offer to replace any damaged buttons. Shirts can also be starched upon request to give it that crisp fresh look

Choosing how to have your shirt returned to you is also an option, having your shirt returned on a hanger and in polythene cover usually comes free of charge or for a small fee, this guarantees your shirt is protected on return. For a little bit extra some services offer to return your shirt looking new, professionally folded in and boxed, all for as little as £2 per shirt.

Finding a shirt ironing service

A lot of dry cleaning companies offer this service as part of there all round cleaning options; they can be found in many city and town centres as-well as local villages. More and more laundrettes now provide an ironing service; these can also be found in most towns. Companies such as dry cleaners and laundrettes working out of shop premises are likely to have higher running cost so you may be expected to pay a little more.

Home shirt ironing services can be just as professional as larger companies and more often than not, cheaper. When looking for a home service you should be careful to check that it is a smoke free environment and that all of your clothes will be insured against any damage. Many home services are easily found online through search engines.

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