Washing and Ironing Service

Washing and Ironing Service

Having someone to go to who provides a washing and ironing service can be a huge help when you just don`t have time keep on top on things. Many of us lead hectic lifestyles and washing and ironing can easily become neglected; more and more people are looking for companies that can take care of your washing and ironing.


Many laundrettes now offer a full washing and ironing service, where before they only provided washing and sometimes dry cleaning, companies have realised that catering to customers who wish to have their clothes ironed is also popular. You can also have your clothes picked up from your desired address and returned free of charge, you can also have your clothes washed however you would like choosing from bio or no-bio detergent and having fabric softener used. Many laundrettes offer 48 hour service

Choosing a Washing and Ironing Service

Many people who use firms that provide a washing and ironing service tend to become long term clients if they are happy with the service provided, it is always good to have someone you trust handling your clothing. Finding a good service for you would depend on your requirements, if you need your clothes washed, ironed and returned as quickly as possible you should look for a company who can provide 24 to 48 hour turnaround. If you have no time to drop off you clothing you will want to find someone who can pick up and return your clothing to your door. Price will also be a factor; most companies advertise prices as per kilogram or per bag, prices per kilogram can be as little as £2 to £3 pounds, some companies do charge per hour, you will need to decide what is best for you. A lot of people work from home which could give you a saving against bigger companies, you should be careful to check that your items will be insured when in their care, in-case of any accidental damage.

Finding a Washing and Ironing Service

Finding a washing and ironing service can be done a number of ways, Laundrettes are still in existence across villages and high streets up and down the country, many have added ironing services to the washing side of things. A lot of people and companies now have websites on the internet advertising their services, with price lists, delivery and pick up services and even gift vouchers that be bought a treat for a loved one to relieve them of the washing and ironing duties. Some companies even offer the chance to book your service online in minutes, and have your washing picked up, all without leaving the house.

Local free newspapers and other local press are usually full of companies providing services to wash and iron your clothing as are supermarket advertisement boards. One of the best ways to find a company would be to use a directory such as the Yellow Pages as they have dedicated sections.

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